Who am I?

My philosophy of life

Who are the righteous?

What are attributes of righteous?

The consciousness of responsibility

Why does God send us here?

Why did God create the universe?

What is destiny and Human Free will

Questions on destiny and human free will

What is Divine Grace?

My relationships!

What are the merits of consultation?

A Tribute to Mothers

Rights of Parents

Position of women in Islam

Women’s Rights?

Who is Mary-Maryam?

Women and the Qur’anic perspective

How should we deal with mockery or ridicule?

Prophetic touch!

The Era of Bliss:

What is the role of Prophets?

How many Prophets?

What are the implications of the birth of the Last Prophet?

Prophethood and the Last Prophet

What is the mission of the Last Prophet?

Was the Prophet’s mission limited and temporary?

What is the Sunnah’s role today?

How does the Qur’an prove the Last Prophet?

Who is the Last Prophet?

What are some of His achievements?

The Life of the Prophet

Why was the Prophet Polygamous?


How would you describe the moral transformation of the Prophet’s companions after the advent of Islam?

Pillars of Islam:

Why differences?

A summary of pillars of Islam

What are the financial and physical ways of worship?

What is the point of worship, and why does it have to be done in a certain way?

Can our intention save us?

What is the relation between pure sustenance and righteous acts?

What is the wisdom in fasting?

Why God tells Muslims to fast?

Does God need our invocations?

Articles of Belief:

The existence and unity of God

What is guidance, and can we guide others?

The Holy Qur’an

Why was the Qur’an revealed in 23 years?

Who created God?

Why can’t we see God?

Is atheism widespread?

Does God exist?

What is the primordial covenant?

Is religion necessary?

Who is Satan, and why was he created?

Why does Satan insist on his unbelief?

Who is the Angel of death?

Should we fear death?

Do the appointed times of death of people who die in natural disasters come to all of them at the same time?

Can we choose our actions?

Why are there fortunate and unfortunate people?

Why are some people created “more equal” than others?

Are the manner and time of death predetermined?

What happens to people born and living in non-Islamic countries?

Does God need our invocations?

What happens to the spirit in the Intermediate World?

What does faith promise us?

Why are whole nations no longer punished?

Why does one creature’s life depend on the death of another?

What is “Unity of Being” (Wahdat al-Wujud)?

Good Character: 

What is the nature of the self (ego)?

What is the humility (tawadu)?

What about involuntary thoughts and fancies?

How to keep free of satanic suggestions?

How should we react to the evil thoughts and desires whispered by Satan?

What is ulfa (Familiarity)? And what are its negative effects?

Desire to emulate, envy, and hastening to do good As If Competing with One Another

How to avoid claiming divine favors upon oneself?

What is the purpose of spiritual tension?

How should people avoid sins, distractions, and temptations?

What are the greatest dangers and pitfalls that a believer faces, and what precautions can be taken?

How can we avoid sins, and how can we show sincere repentance?

What is the believers’ version of the concept of self-confidence or self-esteem? Can we strike a balance between being an ordinary person and cherishing high goals?

Who are the people the Qur’anic verses 2:18 and 2:171 refer to?

How to understand the desire to retreat?

My ideals!

What to expect for the future?

What is the future of our world?

How to find ourselves?

What are the characteristics of the ideal generations?

How to gain hope for the future?

What does devotion mean?

Why is the literature essential?

How to gain spiritual knowledge?

What is in the horizon of the heart and spirit?

What is conscience?

Arts and sciences!

Islam and modern sciences

Does the Qur’an allude to scientific developments?

The concept of science and technology

Science and religion

When modern science agrees with the Qur’an

Why does the Qur’an not discuss about today’s science?

Why does the Qur’an open with “read”?

What should be our attitude against ideas like positivism and rationalism which are accepted as the sources of knowledge?

What’s the matter?

Ethical dimension of life

Why are there differences in interpretation of Islam?

What does the Qur’an say about jihad

What is jihad?

Are Muslims guilty of imperialism?

Does Islam allow slavery?

Jihad with different aspects

How did Islam spread over such vast territories in such a short time in the past?

The Qur’an says: there is no compulsion in religion (2:256) what does this mean?

How are those who are hostile to dialogue activities today relevant to “kharijites, anarchists”?

Can Islam solve every problem?

How can “moderation” be defined?

Is there an Islamic code of conduct concerning way of dressing?

Are the “five mysteries” mentioned in the Qur’an still mysteries?

Is it right when people link HIV to one of the signs of the last day?

What do you say about sperm banks and artificial insemination?

What is the Islamic perspective on anticipation for the messiah and the Mahdi?

How should believers invite others to faith?